If you’re interested in or have already gotten 3M window tint on your car, you may be wondering what’s going on with the 3M logo on the inside of your windows. Not to worry! 3M puts this on the film so that you know your tint is a genuine 3M product. However, it’s very simple and easy to remove.

All you need to use is rubbing alcohol (if 70% doesn’t work, try the 90% strength), and a paper towel. Rub gently against the 3M logo and it should come off just like that.

Just be sure to wait at least three days after installation before performing this step. This gives your window film some time to set!

How do you remove old window film?

You should refer to this video for a quick lesson.

Step 1

Cut a plastic drop sheet or garbage bag to the size of the window. Use a scissor.

Step 2

Fill a spray bottle with warm water and a squirt of any liquid soap, such as hand soap or liquid dish soap. Spray the 3M window film with the soapy water until it becomes saturated. Position the plastic drop sheet or garbage bag over the film and soapy water. This helps lock in the moisture.

Step 3

Allow the soapy water to work into the film for eight hours, or overnight.

Step 4

Lift the plastic sheet or garbage bag off the window. Beginning in any corner, gently peel back the 3M window film. If needed, lift the corner or any stuck pieces with a plastic scraper.

Step 5

Spray any remaining window film or adhesive with a citrus- or ammonia-based window cleaning product. Use a rag or soft cloth to wipe away the adhesive or film.

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