Window Tinting

High quality window tinting products. Our inventory includes guard against glare, fading, impact and excess heat.

For home or business

Decorative Film

Enhance aesthetic interest - Control privacy around your home or office - Reinforce your brand and generate - More brand impressions

Sun Control Window Film

Prevent fading and glare - Block heat and harmful UV rays - Add years to the life of your furnishings - Extend the life of your cooling system

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We provide you with free information on probable cost and arrangements.We ensure you're informed.

Safety & Security Film

Stop intruders in their tracks - Prevent break-ins & burglaries - Protect against injuries from broken glass


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We offer repair, exchange or rearrangement for any faulty product or service.

Dual Reflective (DR) Optitune Window Films

Excellent Solar Performance with Clean & Renewed Aesthetics
Ideal for both commercial and residential applications where reducing hotspots, increasing occupant comfort and productivity, and conserving energy are equally important, Dual Reflective Interior window films are the ticket for maintaining a great view to the outside.
All Dual Reflective interior and exterior window films provide:
  • 99+% UV block to limit fading and sun damage
  • Excellent level of heat rejection to reduce energy required for cooling and associated cooling costs
  • Outstanding glare control for enhanced occupant comfort and productivity
  • Warm neutral interior with low reflectivity to preserve ambiance and views
  • Bold exterior appearance upgrades building exterior appearance while maintaining daylight privacy

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Protecting People and Property
Designed to protect people and property against flying glass shards, safety and security films are a perfect for meeting insurance requirements and building codes. While providing some protection for break-ins and blasts, Safety and Security films can help provide occupants additional time to escape dangerous situations and conditions. 


Elegant and Decorative Window Glass Tinting
3M™ Fasara™ Glass Finishes are beautifully engineered and available in over 50 designs. These decorative glass finishes add an  interior aesthetic touch while providing privacy and controlling light. Check out the visualizer to get a better look at what we can do for your home or business’ windows.

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